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5 Fashion Blunders That Are Common To Men

When it comes to Male fashion, anything and almost everything goes as long as the guy looks smart in it. So most men make some fashion blunders and play it off like it’s nothing.

Gone are those days when Men are allowed to wear anything because they are not considered to be fashion conscious, these days there are a few stylish men to take fashion cues from.

Sometimes good taste isn’t just every man’s strength but between attending a meeting, going to work and a casual date with your significant other, a good fit can go a long way.

Today we are taking every man who has been found wanting and fashion challenged, on the road to dressing better. We do hope you learn a few things from this and change your path.

Check out 5 fashion blunders that are common to men below:

Jewelry in most cases is not meant for the ladies alone, Men can wear them too. But in accessorizing, less is truly more. Choose the appropriate necklace that works for you, and do not pile up bracelets and pinky rings like you are trying to replace Charly Boy (no offence Sir, we do love your unique style)

Contrary to popular belief, pairing socks and sandals is not an attractive thing to do. Sandals are for cool comfort and ventilation so we don’t see the need of putting a fabric in between. If you must wear your socks then let it be with a nice pair of shoes.

Seeing a man in tight clothes is painful and uncomfortable to the eyes. We did not beg to see every nook and cranny on your torso, if you have added some weight, then kindly invest in new clothing rather make those tight clothes look like a sausage casing.

Ladies might be allowed to show off just a little cleavage but this is a big no-no for men. No one is interested in seeing your newly waxed or rather hairy chest. Save it for your bedroom, say NO to man cleavage.

5 Fashion Blunders That Are Common To Men
This is considered unacceptable and until our men top doing it, we won’t take a chill pill. Running shoes are called running shoes for a reason and it’s offensive to try to wear them for any other occasion even if it’s a casual outing. But if you must wear them, can you just make sure you complete it with a tracksuit so we can as well have a good laugh or better still create a field for you.

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