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'Bhero' Brings Hollywood To Zimbabwe

“BEYONCE wako pano, pfeka sa Rihanna, Hollywood yako yese pano, (come and get your Beyonce here, your Rihanna clothing is also here), Hollywood clothes here!”

These are the selling points as traders draw potential customers to their heaps of second hand clothing laid on the ground.

What attracts many people to bale clothes in Zimbabwe is not just because of the limited options of buying affordable clothing, but the quality of the clothes as well.

The traders know that no-one would want to miss a chance to look like a celebrity, but it comes with a price. The result has been people walking around in T-shirts, with messages that cannot even be printed in a family newspaper. It is not clear though if the people who wear tops and T-shirts with crude messages are aware of what they are wearing, or they are completely blind.
'Bhero' Brings Hollywood To Zimbabwe
However, most people are not aware that by wanting to look like Hollywood stars, they also sign up for the Hollywood madness as well, where clothes speak volumes.

In one of the funniest cases, a young girl was pictured wearing a T-shirt written “can you F**k” at the back of it in church. However, there are lighter moments as people put on some of the clothes the wrong time of the day while some are just too confused with the bhero (second hand) madness to figure out what kind of messages are encrypted on the clothes they wear.

The young girl is not the only one as another man was spotted wearing a sleeping onesies — which look like a baby romper, out and about in the streets, and social media went on a roll with the bhero funny pictures.

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